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Abdomen and internal organs
What Can You Tell by Looking at the Face

Our faces display everything that happens inside our bodies

In the absolute majority of cases, the complexion, wrinkles, rashes, vascular meshes, creases, irritations, pigmentation and sagging are directly related to the condition of internal organs:

✔️ The intestine corresponds to the forehead and chin: wrinkles, pigmentation, rashes, red moles and papillomas

✔️ Liver and adrenal glands — line of a frown and nose bridge, eyebrows (periosteum may even hurt)

✔️ Kidney — everything about the eyes: hooded eyelid, wrinkles, dark circles, bags under the eyes, dryness, papilloma, wens, spider veins

✔️ Gallbladder and spleen — temporal area

✔️ Auricles — ureter; the inner ear — bladder (including hearing loss and vestibular disorders)

✔️ Stomach — lips: common cracks, cold sores, dryness, perioral wrinkles.

✔️ Heart pathologies — the central third of the face: cheeks, cheekbones at the junction with the eye sockets. Swelling, enlarged pores, pimples, capillaries, wrinkles, peeling – it's all about the heart.

How to save the skin from aging
How to Save the Skin From Aging

The main cause of all our troubles with the face, skin and even hair is a chronic lack of oxygen in the tissues and poor delivery of the precious cocktail of beauty — blood plasma.

❗️It is ONLY through the blood that ALL the cells of our body receive oxygen and nutrients!
They come from arterial blood, and venous blood cleanses cells of waste products, taking away all the filth.

And if the arteries and vessels are clamped by muscle spasms, then the metabolism of skin cells and hair follicles suffers — we age quickly and uglily: the skin dries, fades, the hair thinns, turns gray, breaks, falls out.

Here are the main signs that indicate that there are problems with your blood flow:

1️⃣ Swelling. The vertebral artery delivers oxygen to the brain with blood. When there is not enough of it, the brain sounds the alarm, adrenaline is produced, which narrows the vessels, and the kidneys respond to the distress signal with an emergency delay and accumulation of fluid. As a result, all the tissues of the face and body become loose, watery, edematous.

2️⃣ Dark circles under the eyes. Without oxygen, hemoglobin in the blood turns purple, and the see through eyelid skin, devoid of a fat layer, gives it away. The result — a whole spectrum of deep blue shades and semitones under the eyes.

3️⃣ Dry, dull, worn-out skin and unhealthy complexion: if microcirculation is impaired, the thickness of all skin layers decreases. The filling of microvessels with blood significantly affects the degree of hydration of the skin.

Texting neck
Texting Neck❗️

There are not many more people with healthy necks in this world than Amur tigers.
And it's scary (
And today, it's not even about beauty, but rather the dangerous consequences your unwillingness to pay enough attention to your neck will lead to.

Texting neck syndrome is a real epidemic. And you can attain it easily, even without having a computer, while cross-stitching, scrolling through your Instagram feed, drawing or reading.
There are a lot of ways!
The main “ingredients” are having weak back muscles, problems with posture and staying in your favorite position as often and for as long as possible: when the head draws forward, the spine bends, and the neck muscles try to hold the head somehow…

Picture this:

An adult's head weighs about 5 kilograms.
But if you tilt your head forward by only 15 °, the load on the spine immediately increases to 12 kg!
And with a 60 ° decline – up to 27 kg.

That means people with the texting neck syndrome practically have a well-fed child with a large school backpack sitting on the back of their neck ????

What threats are you facing?

Degenerative changes of intervertebral discs, the formation of protrusions and hernias, and the development of arthrosis of the spine joints.
Displacement of the vertebrae is always accompanied by pinching of the nerve endings and vessels feeding the brain

And this leads to the following:
❗️headaches and migraines
❗️visual impairment
❗️panic attacks
❗️ringing in the ears and eye floaters
❗️and a dozen more of the terrifying effects, including a stroke ????

About headaches
Headaches ‼️

According to WHO, about 70% of the world's population suffers from regular headaches.

And the most terrible thing is that most people are so used to headaches that they have become a part of their lives.

To take a pill (and keep taking them your whole life until the first stroke) or to eliminate the cause of pain by solving the problem at the root?

We do the second in Marathon 1.0, which has freed thousands of people from headaches. Thousands❗️

What is a headache? It’s the ligaments, arteries, vessels, nerve trunks, the condition of intervertebral discs, muscles of the cervical-collar zone and aponeurosis of the head.

Due to pathologies in the area of the muscles of the cervical-collar zone, the blood flow through the paravertebral and cervical arteries is disrupted. This leads to circulatory disorders and hypoxia of neurons and nervous tissue, and there you have it – a headache.

Displacement of the cartilage tissues in the cervical region leads to the compression of arteries and nerve endings, irritating the pain receptors of the occipital and trigeminal nerves.

Headaches may be aggravated due to spasms of the facial muscles and the galea aponeurotica of the skull. Muscle spasm disrupts venous outflow, muscles swell, and pain occurs. A prolonged muscle spasm provokes intracranial venous hypertension – here’s to the "moderate" headache that never goes away.

❗️In Marathon 1.0, we gently stretch the vertebrae and relax the spasmed muscles ➡️ arteries and vessels "sigh" from relief ➡️ nerve endings are released from the vice ➡️ blood circulation in all tissues improves ➡️ pain stops.

As practice shows, 9 out of 10 Marathon participants’ headaches reduce or even go away completely. Join us, the active link in the profile description Looking forward to seeing you there ❤️

About food constructor
About nutrition

Many people mistakenly believe that proper nutrition is following certain diets, but this is fundamentally not the right opinion. First of all, it is a balanced intake of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Also one of the basic rules of proper nutrition is the variety of ingredients. In the diet you need to add: vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, nuts, bread, pasta. Only in this way the body will fully receive all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for life.

All this and more you can find in my food constructor. This is a complete 1500 calorie menu. Breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners. Why constructor? Because you can choose the breakfast, lunch or dinner that suits you. Change any dishes as you like
the menu is suitable for all members of the family and even for children

❗️Scroll, save try few of the dishes of my food constructor

What you get by eating right, the benefits:

* Slim figure. With the help of healthy food, you can easily lose those extra pounds and get the body of your dreams.
* Good hair, skin and nails. A balanced diet saturates our body with the necessary elements and vitamins. And they, in turn, improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails.
* Energy. With proper nutrition, your productivity will increase, and you will forget about fatigue forever.
* Improved metabolism and overall health and more

To eat right is to eat tasty, varied and at the same time get amazing results for the whole body, face skin, body. You can find the food constructor at the link in the profile description. I'm waiting for everyone and in combination with exercises from marathons you will get even more impressive results

*Menu not suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Puffy eyes
Anatomically, the eye area is unfairly deprived of subcutaneous fat, which could absorb excess fluid like a napkin and mask aesthetic flaws. But unfortunately, due to the absence of fiber, the swelling under the eyes is so noticeable.

What do our bodies need to avoid swelling of the face? Point one.
The blood flows from the head through a network of vessels down and merges into the jugular vein: like covering an umbrella, from the crown down. If the vein’s diameter is normal, the outflow paths are open, there are no obstacles to the movement of blood, and there is no edema.
But such obstacles may arise, for example, due to slouching.
Yes, incorrect posture and the “texting neck” syndrome are the first and most common causes of edema. Round back leads to hypertonicity of the neck muscles, which squeeze the neck blood vessels. The jugular vein is pinched – the fluid simply has nowhere to flow, and it has to move detours. And this is how the fluid enters the intercellular space of the face. So naturally, it goes to where the pressure is low.
In our body, such workarounds are in the aponeurosis of the head, eye sockets, and forehead. Those are where the liquid accumulates. The liquid has not only volume but also weight, which presses on the nerve endings. The whole face swells, but most noticeably, of course, do the eyes.
Add to this the impossibility of lymph outflow due to chronic inflammation of the lymph nodes, diseases of the ENT organs, and muscle hypertension, and it gives quite a clear picture – puffiness and chronic swelling of the face in the eye area.

Why does a double chin appear

Like the widow hump, the double chin catches up with almost everyone sooner or later. Scroll to see the results of the marathon participants
Why does a double chin appear?

The reasons for the double chin lie in violation of posture and neck statics, causing puffiness and congestion, impaired lymphatic system and blood circulation.

A hunched back and advanced head causes a spasm in the muscles of the front surface of the neck, they 'harden' and shorten. The tissue becomes flabby and hangs in a bag, which quickly takes up fat and puffiness.

Edema, you have not misheard. Tense muscles in the shoulder girdle block blood vessels, causing circulatory disorders and lymphatic vessels to function.
Often you hear from me about platysma, we do exercises by pulling it out. This 'collar' is woven into the neck muscles and 'slides' behind the spasmed muscles, pulling our face down. And these are the double chins, the lowered corners of the lips and the overall loss of face contour.
How do we remove the double chin?
You can remove the double chin, everyone can, but it's not a prick, it's a complex job!
A steady result is working with the back, head and neck muscles, restoring the balance between the front and back surfaces of the body, establishing blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

We do all this in a marathon. Every day we will do exercises that work comprehensively with our body, getting rid of double chins, humpbacks, puffiness and wrinkles in stages.

About the abdomen
For a long time I did not write posts) today I want to talk about the abdomen.

Many people think that by pumping the press in a classic way, they will be able to fix everything, but this is not so.⠀

Let's go a little deeper. A beautiful, toned belly is a combination of many factors:⠀

✅ The first and most important is the intestines. If you have inflammation inside, problems with stools, bloating, then do not expect a flat stomach. It is necessary to solve the problem with a gastroenterologist.⠀

✅The second reason is breathing. If the diaphragm is in spasm, the chest is not mobile, then look for the problem here.⠀

✅The third reason is posture. Let's go back to the chest. Straighten your back and then round your chest and pay attention to what will happen to your stomach.⠀

✅The fourth reason is the pelvis. Let's remember hyperlordosis. The front tilt of the pelvis is always a protruding belly, even if the girl is slim and fit. By the way, in such cases there are always problems with the muscles of the pelvic floor.

✅The fifth reason is a weak transverse abdominal muscle. It is she who is the CORSET for the internal organs and stabilizes the lower back. ⠀

These are not all the factors that I have listed. I didn’t write about nutrition, it’s clear to everyone!⠀

If you are not satisfied with this part of the body, you need to work in a complex, and not do classic ab exercises for hours. ⠀

By the way, in the new marathon 2.0 we will pay special attention to the stomach, chest, collarbones
Pre-order will open in July, marathon 2.0 will start on August 15
And now you have time to work on your posture in a marathon that has already become legendary) active link in the profile description.